Why Choose Us

Why Choose PayPros HR?


PayPros/iSolved offers a cloud-based all-In-One Solution that enables you to manage everything from hiring through retiring in a single sign-on, SaaS-based platform. iSolved couples your payroll data with Time, Benefits, HR and Workflows with one log-in to access your information.

Tiered security ensures that only appropriate personnel have access to update or change information for others within your organization. The safety of your data and unfettered access to your mission critical applications is our highest priority. All of our Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and your data is housed in a Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 (formerly SAS70 Type II) Certified Data Center operated by one of the nation’s leading hosting companies, providing robust protection and services to meet the highest standards in network operations.

Customer Service

We hire friendly, helpful people. PayPros trains its employees to be focused on customer needs. We make training continuous--not a one-time event. We build a culture around offering good service, and focus on providing an amazing customer experience. By treating employees like gold, we make customer service fun and rewarding. 

One Stop For Your Needs

PayPros offers a variety of payroll, accounting and payroll related services. Examples include: payroll processing, time clock applications, tax preparation and planning, ACA, 401k, health insurance, cafeteria plans, Pay-as-you-go workers compensation insurance, health insurance, background checks, human resource tools and applications, debit cards, and much more.

See our Services section for more choices.

Price Guarantee

Because PayPros uses the latest most streamlined technology, we offer the best products available at the most cost-efficient rates. We pass the savings on to you. Our costs are usually lower than that of our competitors. We strive to provide you the best value possible.

Ease of Use

Fax, phone-in, or email us your hours, and we do the rest. Or, you may enter your payroll information into our system. You can access information from virtually anywhere with a standard Internet Connection on a Mac or Windows device. So you can manage information when it’s most convenient for you. PayPros HR/iSolved couples your payroll data with Time, Benefits, HR and Workflows with one log-in to access your information.

Guaranteed Correct and Timely Tax Filing

PayPros HR guarantees that your payroll taxes and returns will be filed correctly and on time. PayPros HR offers local, multi-state, and a world-wide Human Resource Management system.

Your Tax Monies

PayPros, Inc. has full bonding and insurance to protect our clients. We have a higher coverage per client than other national services. PayPros, Inc. has never had a claim on any of the policies that have been in effect for many years. Also, PayPros, Inc. utilizes an outside service to remit and reconcile all Escrow Accounts and Client Accounts to ensure that all balances are accurate.

Dedicated Account Manager

PayPros will assign your firm a dedicated account manager that will oversee your payroll and payroll-related needs.

Commitment to Ethical Standards

PayPros and its founders, partners, and employees are committed to “Doing the Right Thing,” in all situations. Ethics, reliability and accountability are our guiding principles and the cornerstones of our philosophy.

World-Wide Payroll Processing

PayPros is able to process payroll in all fifty States, and abroad.
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