Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Key features of Our Performance Reviews
  • Custom review questions and
  • rating systems
  • Email alerts
  • Custom goal creation
  • Easy-to-use wizard tool
  • Schedule reviews at any interval
  • Native to iSolved

Simple to Use Employee Performance Reviews. Native to our payroll software.

Employers of all sizes rely on performance reviews to assess employee performance and determine things like future goals and salary increases. iSolved, a leader within the human capital management (HCM) industry, gives employers the flexibility to
create completely customized performance reviews that fit with the needs of their organizations. Instead of being stuck with form questions and answers, you can build your own performance reviews with specific questions that will give the feedback you need to effectively evaluate each staff member.

Our performance reviews are user-friendly and simple to create. Get started by creating reviews based on how often your company conducts them, whether it is quarterly, annually, or anywhere in between. From there, the wizard tool guides you through a creation of questions that will help you assess the performance of each employee.

You can also set up email alerts that generate automatically to inform managers and/or employees that performance reviews are coming up. The alert feature includes the option to send reminders to all required parties until the performance review is complete.

As a native function of iSolved, all employee data is fully integrated into the performance review. It’s easy to generate a list of employees based on employment status, exempt vs. non-exempt, and a variety of other filters. Because iSolved is cloud-based, employers can access performance reviews from anywhere at any time.
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