Restaurant Payrolls

Restaurant Payroll

Restaurants have special payroll needs and require maximum flexibility for both processing and output information. We can provide departmental reporting to help figure out your expenses.

PayPros provides specialty payroll services to many restaurants all over the US. Some of the services they enjoy, include:

  • Specialized Payroll Reports. Documents cash tips, charged tips, tips-to-minimum and much more.
  • Shortfall Alerts. Provides the information when employee wages do not cover taxes or adjustments.
  • FICA Tip Credit Calculations Enables your restaurant to get the largest tax credit possible.
  • Tip Allocation Reports. Provides the calculations required by the IRS and fulfills the record keeping
  • Weighted Overtime. This is for employees that work as tipped and non-tipped employees and work over 40 hours per week.
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